A Brief Introduction to Daren Life Association

Daren Life Association (Life Association) aims to promote the Daren life of “human be supreme”. Daren is human supremacy. Daren life puts people in the first place, bringing people a social life of humanity and freedom without worrying about materials and economy.

In Daren life, people have the treatment of the first place, and meanwhile let other people around, as well as everything to get the most humanistic care, and benefit from Daren. Daren Life Association wishes to work with more people, not only to help people solve the material and economic problems, but also to put the enrichment and cultivation of humanity in the first place, thereby creating a harmonious and prosperous, happy and healthy life together.

At present, Daren Life has launched a number of mutual assistance activities. For example, there are household mutual assistance projects, such as small scale home moving and shipping, garden finishing, housing rental consulting, vehicle purchase advice, etc.; there are also social mutual assistance, including lectures on traditional Chinese culture, tourism information consultation, parent-child care and senior citizen activities, early childhood education, song and dance, judo and other projects.

In order to help people understand Daren, Life Association has opened a public center to the society. Due to limited resources, if you need mutual help, please book as early as possible. At the same time, people who are happy to help others are welcome and encouraged to sign up as volunteers. For specific recruitment content, visit the daren website. All the above mutual assistance activities are free of charge.

Daren Life Association
(DAREN LIFE Society Incorporated)
11 July 2019