A Brief Introduction to Daren Life Association

Daren Life Association is an officially registered non-profit organization in New Zealand. Daren Life Association aims to promote the Daren life of “Human Supremacy”. Daren is exactly Human Supremacy. In Daren life, people are treated in the first place. Meanwhile, this enables other people around and all things and matters to get the most humanistic care, and benefit in Daren. Daren Life Association wishes to work with more people, not only to help people solve material and economic problems, but also to value the enrichment and cultivation of humanity in the first place, thereby creating a harmonious, prosperous, happy and healthy life together.

Daren life Association has created the Daren mutual help platform to provide people with a new way of life. This platform can solve practical problems in life without relying on money or being limited to certain affairs or skills. The focus of Daren Mutual Help is people. As long as it is the need of people, we will try our best to implement it. Wherever there are people, there is mutual help. With the participation and improvement of more and more volunteers, the Daren mutual help platform begins to provide convenience to more people in society. At present, Daren Life Association has launched a variety of mutual help activities: accommodation settlement and property consultant, repair and maintenance, humanistic care, information consultation, etc. We also regularly provide free convenience services such as repairing, sewing, hairdressing, and blood pressure measurements in different communities.

Whether you need help or are willing to provide help, you are welcome to become a member of our Daren Life mutual help programme and participate in various mutual help activities.

Daren Life Association